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Welcome to InnoHear..

A hearing aid chain of centers where a wide range of hearing solutions and services offered by a professional and well trained team to cater for your individualized hearing needs. 

Life is so vibrant, and so is our hearing. For that, our hearing solutions can suit all needs no matter how complex or simple they would be. At different levels of styles, technology, features and pricing points; we guarantee our customers will find what they are looking for and more.  


rainbow is beautiful and so is music

The above reads “rainbow is beautiful and so is music“. It’s not clear to be read well and that is the case when we have a hearing loss, sounds won’t be the same. 

Innohear Audiology smart solutions in the era of COVID-19

Transducer In The Ear (TIE)

Earnet TIE Hearing Aids

World’s first

ReSound LiNX Quattro

World’s best rechargeable system
Rechargeable hearing aids Pocket-sized power that will never let you down

Interton Ready

Premium Hearing Aids Made Affordable
Interton Hearing Aids [TR]

ReSound ENZO Q

A powerful hearing aid a class above

2.4GHz Wireless Accessories

unlimited opportunities
interton 2.4ghz wireless accessories [TR]

Earnet Nano 3

An extreme powerful BTE with confidence
Eanet NANO3

Hearing Aids Accessories

Mymuna iShoppe

our online partner
innohear online shoppe

Hearing Systems for classrooms

Innovative solutions for better education

3 steps for better hearing

Visit InnoHear center

Our Professional team of audiologists and hearing care professionals are ready to welcome you and offer you the best hearing services and products

Hearing Assessment & Counseling

You will be offered a free and personalized session to evaluate your hearing and suggest the best management options

Try our hearing solutions

You have the chance to try our wide and comprehensive hearing solutions that would fit your unique hearing needs and lifestyles. 

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