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Interton Gain

Interton Ready is based on GN’s latest platform which transfers the hearing experience into new levels. Because wearers of hearing aids have various styles, so Ready hearing aids provide selections for all life styles and hearing needs. On top of that, it’s Made for Apple and compatible with Android. 

What our hearing aids can DO ?


Speech Clarity


Speech Comprehension


Environment Noise







Crystal Clear Speeches & Sounds

Your experience with Interton Ready 6 is never like before! It really transforms your hearing journey into a new world where no details are missed.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream media or phone calls directly from your smart phone to your Interton Ready hearing aids seamlessly and effortlessly.  

2.4 GHz Wireless Accessories

Get connected into a world of endless possibilities of Interton 2.4 GHz Wireless Accessories. Enjoy watching TV or streaming media 

Tinnitus Masking

Interton Ready is not only a smart hearing aids, but also it’s a tinnitus masker. With TSG features your hearing aid can help you overcome tinnitus easily. 

At Your fingertips

Through Sound App, you can have more control on you hearing aids features and functions. Whether it’s noise filter, speech clarity, bass boost, locate hearing aids or other functions.

Discreet & Elegant

Inteton Ready hearing aids are so small and discreet you don’t notice you are wearing them. 
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Interton Ready

Premium Hearing Aids Made Affordable

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3 Steps for Better Hearing


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