The clever new hearing aid designed for the way you live your life.


Designed for the life you lead

Created for people who like getting more out of life

At Interton we understand you prefer to get out and enjoy everything life has to offer, without having to spend time thinking about your hearing loss or old hearing aids.

This is why we have done the thinking for you and created Interton Move – our clever new hearing aid designed specifically for people who like getting more out of life with clear sound, seamless connectivity and a rechargeable solution that can keep going as long as you do. Put simply, if you think life is for living, we think you’ll like Interton Move.


Designed for life & enjoyment

Created for people who like getting more out of life.


Stay part of the conversation

Enjoy clear sound, even in challenging environments.


A full day of freedom

Our new rechargeable hearing aid solution keeps you going


Connect to happiness

Seamlessly connect to the things you love.

Connect, stream, call

If getting more out of life means connecting more to the things you love, then we think you’ll love Interton Move

This is because Interton Move can seamlessly stream crystal clear music, podcasts or calls direct from your iOS and selected Android™ devices – plus a whole world of Interton accessories.

And with the Interton Sound app you have control at your fingertips, discreetly changing settings on the go, so you always have the best sound quality to match wherever your day takes you.


Wireless accessories

Limitless opportunities for connectivity

Interton wireless hearing aid accessories make your hearing experience even better, working seamlessly with your Interton hearing aids to fit and enrich your lifestyle.



Sizes, forms & styles

Discover the hearing aid solution that suits you

Complete collection ensures there’s an option to suit your needs and lifestyle. The same clearer, fuller and richer sound is available across all hearing aid models.


Receiver in the ear (RIE)

This type of hearing aid is for you if you have mild to severe hearing loss, and is a combination of a “behind-the-ear” and an “in-the-ear hearing aid”.

Sounds are collected by a unit that sits behind the ear. The receiver sends sound into the ear canal, and transmits these amplified sounds directly to the ear. The result is exceptional sound quality, making this a great option for a discreet, contemporary look with great performance.


Rechargeable Receiver in the ear (RIE)

Interton rechargeable receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) hearing aid has a built-in lithium-ion battery that holds up to 30 hours of power on just a single 3-hour charge.

The Desktop charger is a small, sturdy unit plugged into a wall outlet. It utilizes wireless, inductive charging without the need for metal contacts that can become corroded over time.



Behind the ear (BTE)

These powerful hearing aids are for you if have more severe hearing loss since they typically offer the most amplification and lots of features.

The BTE hearing aid type sits comfortably behind the ear and sound is directed from the hearing aid through the tubing into your ear canal. An added benefit is they are very durable as you do not have any parts inside the ear canal.



Custom Made (CM)

Our custom-made hearing aids are comfortable to wear and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. They are custom molded to fit your ear and are one piece and can be easier to pop-in and remove.

Performance & lifestyles

Suitable for all changing and challenging environments

Your lifestyle and the listening environments you are frequently exposed to mostly; have a great effect on what hearing aid will be ideal for you. Which hearing aid fits your lifestyle best?

Komplex Enviornments

Challenging lifestyle

For active people who need to communicate intensively throughout the day. Those who spend considerable time in loud and complex listening environments like noisy and busy restaurants, sporting events or concerts.

Moderate life style

Moderate lifestyle

For those who communicate in small groups and enjoy activities like shopping or going to the theater.

Quite Life Style

Quiet lifestyle

For those who spend most of their time at home, office or any other quiet environment with a great attention to one-to-one settings.

Streaming while jogging

Favorite activities

From going to a concert to going out dining with friends and family members. Or from going to the fitness center or running in the forest while streaming your favorite music straight into your hearing aids. Wherever you go, you can be certain your Interton Move hearing aids will adapt to your routine and hobbies. 

Easy Personlisation

Easy personalisation

Offering some control so you can use available apps to discreetly adjust your hearing aid settings at any time like adjusting volume control, changing listening program, select filters for improved experience.

Stream Entertainment

Stream entertainment

Taking entertainment with others into another level. You want to be able to stream TV, music, videos and more directly to your hearing aids.

Types of hearing loss

A complete hearing solutions options to suite different hearing needs

Whether you have mild, moderate, severe or early profound hearing loss, Interton Move will cover your needs and offers you the best experience.

You can’t hear the water tab dropping sound? It’s “likely” you have mild hearing loss
You cant hear the tab dropping?

Mild hearing loss

All Interton Move factory forms (sizes) can suit those with mild hearing loss.

You can’t hear the baby-crying sound? It’s “likely” you have moderate hearing loss
You cant hear the baby crying?

Moderate hearing loss

All Interton Move factory forms (sizes) can suit those with moderate hearing loss.

You can’t hear the piano sound? It’s “likely” you have severe hearing loss
You cant hear piano sound?

Severe hearing loss

All Interton Move factory forms (sizes) can suit those with severe hearing loss.

You can’t hear the drilling sound? It’s “likely” you have profound hearing loss
You cant hear the drilling sound?

Profound hearing loss

All Interton Move factory forms (sizes) can suit those with early profound hearing loss (Not exceeding 105dB hearing loss).

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