Buying Hearing Aids Online

How It works?

Through we provide our customers with a unique experience through which we combine the classical hearing aids prescription protocols and the convenience of selecting and buying a personalized hearing aids package through wide  and comprehensive options.  You don’t pay fully for the package you selected and we won’t deliver any goods to you. Instead, we offer you the chance to make an online payment for hearing aids booking fees in return of saving a considerable lumpsum. We back our online offerings by a professional and long-time experience delivered by InnoHear trained hearing experts.  

Online hearing test

In case you don’t have any hearing test evaluation or you have one, but it’s old then you can do an online hearing test through which you will get an idea of your hearing level and that will help you to select the suitable hearing aids package. Please note that the online hearing test doesn’t replace the normal hearing test conducted by InnoHear hearing experts. 

Look for your preferred hearing aids package

With InnoHear comprehensive choices of hearing aids families and models, you can select the package that would suit your needs the most. A simplified description for each package is provided which will greatly assist you in taking the right decision for whatever choice you make.

Book the hearing aid package of your choice

After selecting the the hearing aid package, you’ll be prompted to pay for the booking fees of the selected package. The booking fees will be waived from the price of the hearing aid package. 

Get ready for a follow up call

Our friendly hearing experts will give you a phone call to say more about the package you chose and to set an appointment for a hearing test and verification of chosen package with your hearing needs. 

Fitting hearing aids

InnoHear qualified hearing experts will provide a choice of hearing aids fitting at your home* for a better convenience or at any of InnoHear branches or InnoHear partners.

*Available in certain areas only.  

InnoHear customer, a journey begins..

A record file will be created containing hearing loss details and hearing aids particulars for future follow ups.  a 6-monthly follow up session will be arranged to know your progress and attend to any issues or concerns for the best hearing experience. 


Key Points About Company 

We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. 

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