Eanet NANO3

all sounds matter

Everyone has a right to hear, better

nano3 unique technology

all sounds matter

that gives meaning  to the sounds

A series full of confidence

Nano3 reduces hearing and comprehension problems of hearing impaired individuals through high technology and opens the way for dialogue and happiness. 

In this way, it continues to contribute to hearing impaired people to hear again and make their lives easier and introduce them to the world of sounds. 

Main Unique Advantages

  • Special and unique feedback manager
  • Treble sounds can be heard
  • Difficult acoustic conditions
  • Powerful performance
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Battery Light Signal for Pediatric Range
  • Difficult Acoustic Environment Applications
  • T-FIS (Tinnitus – Frequency Isolation System)

Impressive power combined with impressive clarity 

Suitable for all changing and challenging environments

Your lifestyle and the listening environments you are frequently exposed to mostly; have a great effect on what hearing aid will be ideal for you. Which hearing aid fits your lifestyle best?

Komplex Enviornments

Challenging lifestyle

For active people who need to communicate intensively throughout the day. Those who spend considerable time in loud and complex listening environments like noisy and busy restaurants, sporting events or concerts.

Moderate life style

Moderate lifestyle

For those who communicate in small groups and enjoy activities like shopping or going to the theater.

Quite Life Style

Quiet lifestyle

For those who spend most of their time at home, office or any other quiet environment with a great attention to one-to-one settings.

Streaming while jogging

Favorite activities

From going to a concert to going out dining with friends and family members. Or from going to the fitness center or running in the forest while streaming your favorite music straight into your hearing aids. Wherever you go, you can be certain your Earnet NANO3 hearing aids will adapt to your routine and hobbies. 

Performance Levels

Suitable for acoustic challenging environments

Better understanding at noisy environments

High performance 

High satisfaction 





Types of Hearing Loss

You can’t hear the piano sound? It’s “likely” you have severe hearing loss
You cant hear piano sound?

Severe Hearing Loss

Earnet NANO3 series can suit those with severe hearing loss.

You can’t hear the drilling sound? It’s “likely” you have profound hearing loss
You cant hear the drilling sound?

Profound Hearing Loss

Earnet NANO3 series can suit those with profound hearing loss.

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