Personal Data Protection (Act.2010) Notice

InnoHear is committed and duty bound to protect our customers and staff’s personal data and information in strict accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, Malaysia, 2010 (PDPA).

Please read this Notice carefully as it contains important information about how your personal data is processed and used.

1- Personal Data Collection
Personal data collected from all sources, including information provided by individuals, from third parties and in the public domain, comply to PDPA Act 2010. Any individual information (including sensitive personal data) is the ‘Data subject’ and may be released and continue to be released from time to time, for our healthcare services or health-related services enquiry. Data may also be used for our promotional activities, business relations and/or for administrative purposes in compliance with the prevailing Malaysian laws.

It is obligatory that individuals provide us with their personal data. If one fails to supply us with their personal data, InnoHear will not be able to serve or assist any individual.

2- Personal Data Details
Personal information may include, name, NRIC number, contact details, occupation, age, gender, family or next of kin information, medical history and information and other personal information including sensitive data information.

3- Personal obligatory information
Personal information is collected and further processed by InnoHear as required or permitted by Malaysian laws. This is to give effect to one’s request for medical related service, which includes the following:

a. Process request medical services,
b. Administer and communicate in relation to our services and/or events,
c. Facilitate participation in future medical procedures,InnoHear
, including sharing personal data with other Independent consultants within InnoHear
or for peer review,
e. Process credit facility application,
f. Assess credit worthiness,
g. Administer and give effect to commercial transaction (tender award, contract for service, Consignment agreement, etc),
h. Insurance purposes to facilitate guarantee letters,
i. Process any monies due to individual,
j. Operate InnoHear’s premises in a manner which is physically safe, secure and befitting of health and safety requirements in accordance with statutory guidelines,
k. Internal investigations, audit or security purposes,
l. Conduct internal statistical analysis and analysis of patient’s case studies,
m. Comply with InnoHear’s legal and regulatory obligations in the conduct of its business,
n. Contact individuals regarding InnoHear’s products, services, upcoming events, promotions, advertising, marketing and commercial materials which are of interest to individuals,
o. Ensure that the content from InnoHear’s website is presented in the most effective manner for the individual, and/or electronic devices,
p. Furnishing InnoHInnoHear’s internal records management, and
r. Utilizing such information for purposes of debt recovery in the event of any monies due and owing from individual and/or companies.

InnoHear may, from time to time request for certain other personal information that may be relevant for the purpose of providing our services to the individual.

4- Personal Data Disclosure
Personal data may be disclosed to the following relevant parties in accordance with PDPA guidelines:
a. PDPA-defined Healthcare professional
b. Government and non government agencies, local authorities
c. Insurance companies and its representatives
d. Debt collection authorities and agencies in the event of any payment default
e. Financial institutions
f. Legal firms
g. Auditors
h. Private, public hospitals and healthcare providers
i. Contractors and vendors
j. Family and next of kin
k. To parties required by law, court, regulator or legally authorized parties
l. To parties permitted under the laws of Malaysia
m. Any authorized person which InnoHear may deem necessary

Data held by InnoHear will be kept confidential and disclose of data to unaffiliated third parties shall only be released after the individual consent.

5- Access and Update of Personal Data
InnoHear shall ensure that the personal data are accurate, and complete. Individuals need to update changes in their personal data to InnoHear’s data protection officer to make the necessary changes.
Individuals have the right to access their personal data but need to request for access to InnoHear in writing. InnoHear shall verify before the request is fulfilled in accordance with the PDPA. A Fee shall be charged as provided under Regulation of Personal Data Protection Act for processing the request for access.

InnoHear may refuse the request to access or make a correction in accordance with PDPA subject to other operating laws. Data shall be retained for a said duration in accordance to prevailing laws of Malaysia.

Contact our office for any enquiries , complains, access to data, make changes or to stop processing individual personal data.

Contact Details:

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PJU6, Persiaran Surian
47800 Petaling Jaya.
T : (+6) 03 7725 7158
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Yours sincerely,

The Management