about us

InnoHear is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marhakim Sdn Bhd (267115-U).

Its core activities are dedicated to audiology services, hearing aid fitting, and the distribution, assembly and after sales service of hearing healthcare products and accessories.

+ Objectives:

Innovative Hearing aims to identify hearing disability at the earliest possible time, as well as to identify and source for potential hearing healthcare products and accessories to be introduced to our home market through working very closely with our own network of associates in every state in Malaysia. We believe in offering our potential customers a choice over the “normally” accepted brands with equivalent or premium products at competitive prices. We have the integrity and comfort to offer premium products needed in hearing healthcare and its specialty. It is our sincere hope to see hearing disabled Malaysian to ‘vocalise normally’, rather than communicating with finger signage, and live like normal hearing Malaysians.

+ The Organisation

Innovative Hearing has the advantage of having two personnel in the steering management team from the medical profession. Our Managing Director is a practicing consultant Otorhinolaryngologist in a notable private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Our Finance Director was a lecturer for more than 10 years in Medical Physiology and Medical Education with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Innovative Hearing has a complete working team of an ENT specialist, Audiologists, Hearing Care Professionals and Technical Specialists.

The composite of the primary personnel is competent, fully conversant and comprehensive enough in the respective field. We are confident to deliver the best to our customers through listening and understanding their needs.

+ Business Activities

Innovative Hearing’s main business areas are as follows:

  • Audiology and hearing aid fitting services. 
  • Distribution of hearing healthcare products and accessories. 
  • Ear laboratory services – Custom-made earmould and earplugs, production of custom-made hearing aids.
  • Consultancy and Planning.

+ The Future

We are looking ahead optimistically to be a one-stop centre for audiology services and hearing healthcare products. We shall bring out the best in every individual in the organisation in pursuit of excellence. We treasure our customers’ support immeasurably.

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