Max. Gain

  • Max. Gain (Ear simulator/2cc coupler)
    Gain is the amount that the aid adds … in other words, it’s the difference between the input level and the output (in dB SPL). It is typical for the gain of linear hearing aids to be measured at 60 dB and also at the maximum volume wheel setting (full on gain). For non-linear hearing aids, it is customary to measure gain at low, medium and high input levels.

    The gain added by a hearing aid varies a great deal depending on many factors.

    Most hearing aids add differing amounts of gain to the incoming sound at different frequencies so that you get additional gain in frequency ranges where you don’t hear as well, but the add less gain in frequencies where you hear better.

    Most hearing aids have a clipping function that prevents any gain from being added when the incoming sound exceeds a certain level, so you don’t get blasted with painful or hearing-damaging sound levels


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